The Résumé Files: Own Your Achievements



Résumé writing evokes a peculiar dread in most of us, I think.

It’s not simply the tedium of arranging lists of job titles, dates, and job descriptions. Touting your achievements to strangers can be unnerving, particularly if self-promotion isn’t something you do naturally.

But what if updating your résumé could be less of a chore and more of a celebration? What if you were actually excited about polishing up your CV?

You can be. The key is eagerly claiming your accomplishments.

As you review your work history, you’ll find achievements that make you glow with pride. Maybe it was that project you took on single-handed, that important client you converted into a devoted customer, or that innovative solution you created to boost the company’s cash flow.

Past performance is often a reliable indicator of future behavior, so your achievements go a long way to convincing prospective employers of your value. But how will they know about your achievements? They won’t. Not unless you tell them, of course. Your task as a job seeker is to clearly outline your assets as they relate to the position you’re applying for. Focusing on your past success is a great place to start.

Recalling past successes also gives you the boost of confidence you need to write a stellar résumé. Reliving moments in which you were in peak performance helps you evoke your best self. That’s the guy you want writing your résumé. That’s the guy employers want to hire.

Writing your résumé isn’t about shameless self-promotion or making exaggerated claims on your competence. It’s about honestly owning your achievements. By writing a résumé that makes a strong case your your skills, you’re fulfilling your role as your own best advocate.


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