The Freelance Files

I love learning. I love writing. Fortunately, I’m in a profession that allows me to do both simultaneously, all while listening to dreamy techno-funk.

Welcome to The Freelance Files, a weekly installment that gives a brief glimpse into an inkslinger’s world. I’ll be sharing updates about my latest writing projects, along with interesting tidbits I’ve learned along the way and some slices of random fun. I hope you enjoy it.

Gigs this week

Charging ahead

If you’re a pro football buff, then you know the erstwhile San Diego Chargers are moving to Los Angeles. While they await completion of a new stadium, they’ll be making their temporary home at StubHub Center in Carson, California. This week, I got to speak with with General Manager Katie Pandolfo about what her crew is doing to prepare to receive the NFL team.

NFL football is new to the stadium. (It’s currently the home of the Los Angeles Galaxy, a Major League Soccer team.) But, they’re not the first non-NFL venue to play host to a pro football team. For instance, the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum for University of Southern California is the interim home of the LA Rams. I chatted with Joe Furin, the venue’s general manager, about what his crew did to prepare to host the team. You can read more about it in VT Pulse, the website for Venues Today.

Dirt and diversity

Cannabis Cultivation Today published a piece I wrote about dirt. The topic is more interesting than you might think, really.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Woody Thorpe, a certified crop adviser and owner of Insure Organics, and he gave me all the … well, dirt about living soils. Did you know soil is an entire ecosystem made up of bacteria, fungi, yeasts, microbes and other tiny critters? Neither did I. I’ll never think of dirt the same way again.

Yesterday, I finished a piece for Dispensary Management Today that profiled Women Grow, an organization aimed at cultivating diversity in the still-evolving cannabis industry. CEO Leah Heise gave me the skinny on the company’s Leadership Summit, which takes place next week in Denver. We also talked about the potential to hard-wire diversity into the industry now, while it’s still new, so everyone has an equal shot at success. It was a fun interview. You can read the finished story here.

To keep tabs on me and my shenanigans, look me up on Twitter (@bdrmanley) or on Instagram (@bridgetmanley). I’d ask you to follow me on Spotify, too, but then you’d find out that I have horrible taste in music, so I’ll spare us both that pain.

However, I do occasionally listen to good stuff. On that note …

Jam of the week

Passage” (album) by Ulrich Schnauss

Dreamy, funky soundscapes and no words: Perfect writing music. Boom.


The future belongs to those who persevere in doing good.

Have a good one, friends.


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