The Freelance Files: Issue 7

Gigs this week

I spent many summers on my grandparents’ ranch in Colorado, so I know a few things about irrigation. In spring, you burn your ditches to clear out all the dead grass and gunk. After you turn on the water, you walk the ditch and keep a lookout for gopher holes. You have to plug those suckers good. Otherwise, they’ll make the ditch leak like a sieve. (Dad-gum gophers.)

I thought I knew all there was to know about irrigation until I wrote a piece about capillary irrigation mats for Cannabis Cultivation Today. If you’re an indoor grower, you can stick these mats under your plants, and the mat will help move the water to the roots. No muss, no fuss, and definitely no gopher holes. If you’re interested in learning more, go check it out.

This week, I also broke out my reporter’s kit and interviewed an honest-to-gosh worm wrangler. It’s for a piece that’s scheduled for publication at Humane Pursuits.


I accepted the invitation to write for this online publication because they value well-written pieces that encourage thoughtfulness and reflection. I particularly liked this piece, which examines the myth that good writers — or any other type of creative, for that matter — are born, not made. There’s a pernicious myth out there that if you have to work hard to be a good writer, you’re not really a writer. That’s bunkum, pure and simple, and I appreciate another writer calling it out as such.

Anyway, check out Humane Pursuits if you need some thoughtful reading in your life. Or, if you need a break from buzz-worthy kittens and hedgehogs walking teeny-tiny tightropes or whatever else the Internet does these days.

Jam of the week

I love listening to smooth jazz while I write. When I need to get down to business, I turn on this playlist. Lyrics toss a wrench in my groove, so almost all the songs are purely instrumental. The one exception is “Got It Goin’ On” by Boney James. (Why, yes, Mr. James. I do indeed got it goin’ on.)


Keep your head, even when everyone else around you is losing theirs. Stay level and stay loose.

Have a good weekend, friends.


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