The Freelance Files: Issue 9

Gigs this week

A few months back, I wrote about the newly rechristened Los Angeles Chargers’ plans to leave San Diego. They’re not the only NFL team planning to move. The Oakland Raiders have eyes on Las Vegas, where they hope to relocate and build a new stadium.

The relocation isn’t set in stone, and the Silver and Black still have several hurdles to clear. If they do make their new home in Las Vegas, though, it will be one more piece in the state’s plan to solidify its standing as a tourism hot spot. To read more, check out my story at VT Pulse. 


Jams of the Week

If you like your music a little on the weird and dreamy side, check out this track. Spotify served this up to me in a daily mix, and I can’t stop listening to it. It’s equal parts atmospheric and unsettling, like the opening track to your favorite creepy movie.

Speaking of creepy stuff, my husband and I recently finished watching “Stranger Things.” Wow. The series perfectly captured that mix of yearning, nostalgia and disquiet that I associate with the 80s. The score was pitch-perfect, so I was thrilled to see it available on Spotify. Check it out.


Imagination is more important than investment, and enthusiasm is more powerful than cynicism.

Have a good weekend, friends.


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