About Me

Instructional Designer

I design, build and implement training for small to mid-sized businesses. Here’s a snapshot of what I do:

  • Work with subject matter experts to create online and in-person training materials that reflect the most up-to-date business practices and regulatory requirements.
  • Convert technical manuals and company SOPs into clear, relevant and actionable content that learners can apply immediately.
  • Design interactive scenarios, quizzes and other training tools that allow learners to integrate new knowledge into existing schemata and build long-term retention.
  • Create assessment tools that encourage learners to evaluate their own learning.


I’m constantly writing. Putting pen to paper — or fingers to keyboard — is the way I make sense of the world. Most of my writing is solely for myself, but sometimes it makes it into my blog, too. My portfolio includes personal profiles, news articles and ebooks.

Colorado Press Association awards (2012)

  • First place: Best education story
  • First place: Best story/picture combination
  • Second place: Best serious column writing
  • Second place: Best agriculture story
  • Second place: Best education story
  • Second place: Best health enterprise story


I went to school with the intention of becoming a high school English teacher. I then took the road less traveled and decided to become a newspaper reporter instead. But teaching people remained a key motivator in my professional life. As a children’s librarian, an online ESL teacher and even as an education reporter, my main focus has always been to help people understand their world and be effective agents in it.


Continuing Education

LDT100x: Learning Theories, University of Maryland Global Campus. Completed December 2019.