TESOL Certification

2019 Teach English Now! Portfolio

In December 2018, I enrolled in “Teach English Now!”, Arizona State University’s two-part TESOL certification program offered through Coursera. This 150-hour program adheres to the TESOL International Association’s standards for short-term certificate programs. The program includes six courses covering fundamental teaching practices; second language acquisition theory; lesson planning; writing, reading, and grammar instruction; listening, speaking, and pronunciation instruction; and teaching with technology. It includes a peer-reviewed capstone project and an expert-reviewed capstone project.

Below are the artifacts I produced for an expert-reviewed teaching portfolio, which I submitted in August 2019. Arizona State University reviewers chose this portfolio as an exemplary model for future students in the “Teach English Now” program.

Bridget Manley: TESOL Teaching Portfolio

Teaching Philosophy

  1. Edited Reading/Writing Lesson Plan with Technology
  2. Technology-Enriched Reading/Writing Lesson Plan
  3. Edited Listening/Speaking Lesson Plan with Technology
  4. Technology-Enriched Listening/Speaking Lesson Plan
  5. Grammar Lesson Plan
  6. Pronunciation Lesson Plan
  7. Capstone 1 Lesson Plan
  8. Original Reading/Writing/Grammar Lesson Plan
  9. Original Listening/Speaking/Pronunciation Lesson Plan
  10. Technology-Enriched Lesson Plan

Toolbox Tip 1

Toolbox Tip 2

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